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Pellet Press (Sample Presser)

Pellet Press (Sample Presser)

Roger Corporation specializes in offering high precision Pellet Press (Sample Presser) in the market. Our Semi-Automatic Sample Presser is based on the latest German technology on integrated oil system. The integrated system reduces leakage thereby enhancing system reliability. The integrated system also reduces system volume resulting lighter weight. It has easy operation instrumentation panel that displays mechanical pressure as well as system pressure. In addition it can also shut down the automatic running mode and go back to initial states at any time. Besides, we are reckoned as one of the trusted Mechanical Semi-Automatic Sample Presser Suppliers in India.

Sl201 semi-automatic sample presser is a machine used for element analysis of product. By pressing powder to sample piece, it provides sample for X-ray optical spectrum analyzer. The machine is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry, commodities inspectiion, geology and building materials.

Within its measuring range, the pressure, pressure-holding-time and travel can be adjusted continuously. Activities as pressurizing, pressure-holding and pressure release can be performed automatically.

Our company can provide with different kinds of moulds with aluminum box, plastic ring, boracic acid, low pressure ployethylene and steel ring, among which moulds with steel ring is our company's patent. this moulds achieves easy operation of material feeding, moulds removing and cleaning.

Main Technical Data

  • Rating Pressure: 400kn (Optional - 600kn for SL201A).
  • Pressure-holding Time: 1 - 999s.
  • Worktable: 82mm Dia.
  • Worktable Opening Span: 0 - 120mm.
  • Max. Travel: 50mm.
  • Pole Opening Span: 210mm.
  • L/W/H: 570mmx420mmx1100mm (570x420x1120mm for SL201A).
  • Net Weight: 185kg (190kg for SL201A).
  • Power: 1.1kw.
  • Power Supply: AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase.

Main Feature :

  • Sl201 semi-auto presser is based on the latest German Technology on integrated oil system. It is well-known that oil leakage is the biggest problem of hydraulic system. The integrated system reduces leakage, therefore increases system reliability.
  • Meanwhile, the integrated system also reduces system volume, resulting lighter weight. It is only two thirdsof domestic product of the same kind in terms of volume, and only half of the wieght of the said domestic product.
  • SL201 Presser has very easy operation instrumentation panel. The panel can display the machine pressure and system working pressure in a clear way. SL201 also has very fast response time. It can be shut down the automatic running mode and go back to initial states at any time.
  • SL201 adopts dynamic pressure protection. Compared with domestic products, which only use static pressure protection, SL201 achieved constant pressure during pressure protection.